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• Sanitary Napkin Destroyer machine which is for destroying the napkins in hygienic Way. It is of 2 ft height and 1ft breth, so that it can be install inside the ladies restroom itself.

Femindisp installed in schools, colleges, orphanages, Hospitals, Hostels and etc.

• It works in electric power.
• It is User Friendly to use and also it highly protected machine to avoid electric shocks during fluctuation.

Technical Specification :- FEMINDISP

 It is of 2ft height and 1ft breath so it can be installable inside the toilet or restroom itself.

• Fully automatic
• Electrically Operatable
• Heat resisting ceramic insulation for protection
• Auto temperature Cut-off
• Compact & Wall Fixable

Highlighting Features :-
• User Friendly
• 10 Napkins Disposal at a time (AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT CAPACITIES 25,50,100 and MORE )
• Low maintenance
• Low Space needed
• Highly protected
• Low emission